About us

About us

Veterinary Practice was founded in 1968, providing industry news, analysis and comment to the veterinary profession every month. The conferences VetsNorth and VetsSouth followed, offering vets a regional opportunity for CPD in a fun, lively atmosphere. In 2019 Veterinary Practice joined veterinary training provider Improve International.

Today Veterinary Practice is a fresh, contemporary journal that is delivered to veterinary practitioners and practices every month. It provides reliable, useful and interesting content, written by expert authors and covering small animal, large animal, equine and practice management sectors of the profession.

Improve International

Improve International is part of the Knowledge Services Division of Benchmark Holdings, and is currently the world's largest provider of postgraduate continuing professional development (CPD) programs in veterinary medicine. Founded by veterinarians in the UK in 1998, we have been pursuing the initial goal of enabling professional and personal development in the broad field of veterinary medicine to the highest standards.

We run multi-level training programmes for veterinary professionals to help develop the skills and knowledge required in practice. Our programmes combine review lectures, case-based discussion and, where applicable, hands-on practical sessions, run by highly qualified international experts.

Benchmark Holdings

Benchmark was founded in 2000 to help repair and build a global food chain that is more efficient, economical, ethical, environmentally friendly and fit for the future. At the core of Benchmark’s business model is its unique ability to innovate to make food more plentiful, accessible and sustainable through more responsible and ethical practice.

With an international client base which includes food producers, retailers, industry bodies, pharmaceutical companies and governments, Benchmark is able to access and develop improvements in efficiency at every stage of the food chain, driving forward innovation across agriculture and aquaculture, green technologies, manufacturing, packaging and distribution.

Its partnerships with universities, think tanks, non-governmental organisations and thought leaders drive research, innovation and solutions which it communicates directly to its clients and market via its world-leading news websites and publications.