Agria Pet Insurance protects the oldest pets with lifetime cover this autumn

From 1 October to 30 November, dogs, cats and rabbits of any age can access a full lifetime insurance policy from Agria Pet Insurance

01 October 2020, at 7:25am
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Agria’s “Age Amnesty” campaign is ready to launch for the sixth year running. Nick White, Head of Veterinary Channel at Agria Pet Insurance, says, “We’re especially pleased to launch Age Amnesty this year – if there was ever a time that pet owners needed some certainty over expenses, it’s now. We always see a lot of interest and a great uptake in lifetime policies for older pets during the campaign, and the support we receive from the vets we work with is great.

“We continue to hear about owners struggling to find cover for their much-loved older pets. This is obviously a heart-breaking situation for those pets that then go on to need complicated or long-term treatment. By providing this opportunity, and raising as much awareness about the campaign as we can, we’re hoping to be able to give many more owners of older pets the peace of mind that lifetime cover brings with it.”

Robin Hargreaves, Vet Lead at Agria Pet Insurance, backs the campaign, “Lockdown has illustrated once again how important our pet companions are to our own well-being. Being able to insure older pets who may be reaching an age when health issues are more likely to arise is one less worry when it comes to looking after their health and well-being.”

Having lifetime cover for an older pet can make a signifi­cant difference by protecting owners against the costs con­nected with new conditions or problems they are diagnosed with. For example, should a cat or dog develop diabetes at the age of nine and live to be 14, assuming treatment costs are approximately £2,500 per year, managing the condition without insurance could cost the owner £12,500.

Providing they are not pre-existing, such conditions are included in cover from Agria Pet Insurance, enabling owners to authorise the right care for them, help­ing their pets to enjoy their older years.

Owners taking out a new policy for their cat or dog during Age Amnesty can also benefit from a £50 voucher towards anything from their vet that supports their pet’s health. This could be a check-up, food or preventative healthcare, or can contribute towards a consultation.

This year, Age Amnesty is supported by a social media campaign showing the bonds that develop and grow with our pets through their lives. Bacon the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is now 15 and has led a very full life. The film takes us through some of Bacon’s memories, illuminating the relationship between pet and owner. Produced to raise awareness of Age Amnesty 2020, the video will feature on social media throughout the campaign.

Nick continues, “We encour­age vets to share our social media campaign and help Age Amnesty to reach as many owners of older pets as possible, giving them an opportu­nity to benefit from lifetime cover at a time when they may need it the most.”

Age Amnesty runs from 1 October to 30 November 2020. Owners can get a quote for their older pet at the website, quoting HS19 to take advantage of the £50 free healthcare voucher.

For more information about how Agria Pet Insurance supports veterinary practices visit the website or call 03330 30 83 73.