Cymorth TB – providing additional support to Welsh farmers

01 October 2015, at 12:00am

The Cymorth TB programme was started as a pilot scheme by the Welsh Government in 2012 with the aim of changing the way that TB breakdowns are managed.

Cymorth means support or help in Welsh and the Cymorth TB programme was started as a pilot scheme by the Welsh Government in 2012 with the aim of changing the way that TB breakdowns are managed.  Traditionally, private vets tested farmers’ cattle for Tuberculosis and if disease was identified, they then played no further role in the management of the breakdown process, this work being done by APHA veterinarians. Under the Cymorth TB programme, private vets who have received additional training in the area of TB control and management, will be much more involved in providing help and ongoing assistance to farmers.  The overall goal being the eradication of TB in Wales. 

Following the successful pilot, Improve International, who hold the contract to deliver training and assurance to Official Veterinarians, were commissioned to develop a new online training programme to underpin Cymorth TB.  Working in collaboration with vets and other stakeholders from Welsh Government and APHA, the training and associated Official Control Qualification (Veterinarian) has been validated by Harper Adams University.  The course has also been translated into the Welsh language and is now available to Official Veterinarians in Wales who hold the OCQ(V) – TT qualification.

The broader Cymorth TB programme is made up of three work strands;

  1. The Cymorth TB Veterinary Programme 
  2. The Cymorth TB Partnership Programme 
  3. The Cymorth TB Awareness Programme

The Cymorth TB Veterinary Programme, which includes the OCQ(V) training course in the subject is designed to deliver Government directed and funded support which will enable the provision of a valuable resource and additional support to farmers, both during breakdowns, and in the protection of Official Tuberculosis Free (OTF) farms against infection with TB. 

This service will be delivered by private veterinarians who in most cases have direct experience of the herd management and disease situation on the farm.

The Cymorth TB Partnership Programme is designed to develop work with organisations outside of Welsh Government, for example, The Farming Community Network, to deliver specific support to herd keepers who are under TB restrictions. 

The Cymorth TB Awareness Programme is a proposed scheme of awareness training to be delivered by the Welsh  overnment to broaden the understanding of organisations who work closely with farmers and herd keepers who may be under restrictions.

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