Discover a new way of learning – a giant leap in online veterinary CPD

With three online Postgraduate Certificate programmes on offer, why should you choose Improve International for your veterinary CPD needs?

07 December 2020, at 7:10am

Online CPD has been on the rise in the last few years and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the increase in demand for distance learning programmes. Following the success of their Small Animal Medicine Dis­tance Learning programme, Improve International announced the launch of two new programmes for 2021 to increase their e-learning offering, allowing delegates to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence with 24/7 access no matter where they are in the world, making it easier to fit CPD and learning around the workings of a busy practice.

The three distance learning programmes offered by Improve International (Small Animal Medicine, Small Ani­mal Surgery and Feline Practice) take place over two years and are open to qualified veterinarians who have been in practice for at least one year, and who are on the RCVS UK Practising Register or who hold a qualification that would entitle them to register as a member of the RCVS (for appli­cants based outside of the UK).

Each programme is authored by specialists who are diploma holders in their field, giving guidance on interactive and engaging modules. These include online interactive lessons, notes to support every week, real-life case studies to relate learning back to practice, interactive quizzes and exercises, as well as pre- and post-module assessments allowing you to evaluate your progress throughout the programme. Additional learning resources are also avail­able, including summary videos at the end of each week, a reading list and support from module tutors and Improve International staff.

One of the advantages of in-person CPD is having the opportunity to network with colleagues and discuss content with peers, and this is something that is integrated into Improve International’s distance learning programmes, which have a built-in platform to maintain the human inter­face. Each module is supported online by a specialist who is available to answer questions during the month that the module is “live”. Delegates are also supported by a dedi­cated programme tutor who works closely with individual delegates to ensure they are progressing with their studies.

Improve International’s veterinary training is accredited by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS) to allow participants to progress their learning and work towards a General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert). A route to a Postgraduate Certificate (PgC), a Master’s Level 7 qualification, is also available through a close partnership with Harper Adams University. The programmes are recognised for application to the RCVS Advanced Practitioner Status after completion of the PgC, and are also RACE approved. Pay as you learn options are available, allowing payments to be spread over two years.

Distance learning Postgraduate Certificate programmes

Small Animal Medicine

The Small Animal Medicine programme features 20 varied modules, each consisting of four sessions per month. The programme covers key clinical subjects ranging from clini­cal pathology and immunology to endocrinology, neurology and oncology, as well as many others.

Small Animal Surgery

The Small Animal Surgery programme includes 24 varied modules, focusing on soft-tissue surgery in the first year and orthopaedics and spinal work in the second. As well as the online content, the programme also includes 10 in-person practical modules delivered in state-of-the-art wet-lab facili­ties to help delegates become familiar with essential surgical techniques. Course Director Hannes Bergmann, DrMedVet, DipECVS, MRCVS, oversees the programme and ensures the latest content is delivered across every module. Each module is supported by a leading surgical expert with high-quality surgical videos for each procedure.

Feline Practice

The third distance learning programme focuses on feline practice, with 16 varied online modules. The course director, Samantha Taylor, BVetMed (Hons), CertSAM, DipECVIM-CA, MRCVS, oversees the programme ensuring the latest feline content.

Further information about Improve International’s three distance learning programmes can be found online.

Improve International offers a wide variety of other in-person and distance learning programmes for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses. Find out more on their website.