Lifetime pet insurance for the oldest pets this autumn with Agria

Agria’s “Age Amnesty” is returning for two months; find out how this campaign will help older pets across the UK

11 October 2019, at 12:00pm

How old are the oldest pets that visit your practice? At Agria, we’re very proud to have Tiggy, a 21-year-old cat, and Jasper, an almost 20-year-old Jack Russell on our books!

Sadly, many senior pets don’t have insurance, which, of course, can lead to real problems as and when health issues arise as they become older. Most insurers exclude pets from around the age of eight from new policies, so there’s not usually much that can be done to help an older pet that’s uninsured – even though for many pets, this upper age limit kicks in when they’re only halfway through their lives.

Agria’s “Age Amnesty” returns this October and November to address the problem. During this two-month period, dogs, cats and rabbits of any age can access a full lifetime insurance policy from Agria.

Nick White, head of veterinary channel at Agria Pet Insurance, says, “We are always overwhelmed by the support we receive from the veterinary community for Age Amnesty. Lack of insurance options for owners of older pets is a real issue for the owners, pets and vets involved, often resulting in serious implications financially and in terms of treatment options.

“Our offer of lifetime insurance with no upper age limit means that owners of more senior pets can overcome these barriers and benefit from a great sense of peace of mind over their animal’s health throughout their later years.

”While many pets live a healthy younger life, getting cover in place before an animal has an accident, becomes ill or develops a condition typically associated with middle–older age can be life-changing. For example, should a cat or dog develop diabetes at the age of nine and live to be 14, assuming treatment costs are approximately £2,500 per year, managing the condition without insurance could cost the owner £12,500.

Robin Hargreaves, vet lead at Agria Pet Insurance, backs the campaign: “Some animals can be lucky and seem almost bomb-proof when they’re younger by not needing much in the way of veterinary care. Of course, we know that it’s later in life, particularly with chronic diseases, when things can start to go wrong – so having insurance is a huge help.

“For owners, it’s the reassurance that their pet can access the veterinary care they may need for problems connected with old age, and for the pet, getting this care can mean a much happier and more comfortable retirement.”

To highlight this autumn’s Age Amnesty campaign, and the need for insurance for more senior pets, Agria Pet Insurance has produced a video to demonstrate the importance of older pets in owners’ lives. Featuring Joseph, an older man who lives alone, the video shows how his world has transformed since adopting an older dog, Cindy.

Joseph was drawn to the prospect of adopting an older dog, to avoid the puppy and younger dog phase, but had some initial concerns over the possible vet bills that could arise from having a senior pet. However, as Joseph was reassured that he’d be able to take out a lifetime policy with Agria. As older pets adopted from Agria’s rehoming partners benefit from a permanent Age Amnesty, Joseph was given the confidence he needed to adopt his new companion.

Cindy is the perfect dog for Joseph, still with the energy to join him on walks in the stunning Yorkshire country-side, but is calm and relaxed at home. As the video shows, Cindy is enjoying her new life with Joseph as much as he loves having her in his.

Age Amnesty runs from 1 October to 30 November 2019. To help your clients find out about it, get in touch with the Agria Vet Team for a poster to display in your practice. Contact your local Business Development Manager or call the Vet Team on: 03330 30 83 90

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