Times to consider surgical staplers during small animal surgery

by Laurence Williams
04 December 2018, at 12:00am

Surgical staplers are widely used in human medicine and are becoming increasingly popular in veterinary medicine since they significantly reduce the duration of surgical interventions and the risk of bleeding.

The main procedures in which it’s safer, faster and more efficient to use staplers instead of traditional sutures are:

  • Lobectomies, lung tumors cases - Linear stapler;
  • Gastrectomies, gastric obstruction cases due to malignant (eg adenocarcinoma) or inflammatory (such as severe gastric ulceration) diseases - Linear stapler;
  • End-to-end entero anastomosis - Linear cutter stapler;
  • Gastroduodenostomy, after pylorectomy (Billroth I technique) - Linear cutter stapler;
  • Gastrojejunostomy, after partial gastrectomy and pylorectomy (Billroth II technique) - Linear cutter stapler;

Blue recommends the use of surgical staplers in these interventions and provides it’s colleagues with the best instruments, with easily replaceable recharges that allow the stapler to be used several times in the same surgery.

Send us your questions to and ask for the staplers' use manual.