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Crystal Contract

                                                  Equipment Servicing

        Have confidence your dental equipment is giving you
        100% performance and efficiency with iM3 Equipment
        Servicing from our qualified engineers and test

        Get your service and support direct from the
        manufacturer. With our expert and professional
        team you’ll soon see why we are the global name in
        veterinary dentistry!

               ƒ One visit per annum

               ƒ iM3’s trained engineers

               ƒ Fixed-priced annual maintenance cost

               ƒ Pre-planned service date

               ƒ Preferential call out response

               ƒ Free telephone support

               ƒ Free on-line triage support

               ƒ Annual servicing available on all iM3 equipment

               ƒ Dental unit filter service which includes health and

               bacterial checks

               ƒ Health checks for instruments,  handpieces and
               ultrasonic scalers

               ƒ Dental X-ray developer servicing and software

               ƒ Dental X-ray generator servicing and test packs

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