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          IN FOCUS

         38    Ligament and musculotendinous injuries in dogs
               Although diagnosis of severe injury is relatively straightforward,
               more subtle injuries can present a diagnostic challenge.

         42    Internal fracture fixation – a guide to instrumentation
               and implants for veterinary nurses
               Pre-prepared kits with the instruments you will need for a
               certain procedure are extremely helpful and knowledge of the
               instrumentation available is vital.

         46    A look through the latest literature
               The latest academic publications providing further insight into this
               month’s “In focus” topic.
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          REGULARS                                               SMALL ANIMAL

         4     News                                             26    Dermatology

               A snapshot of topics hitting industry headlines.       Recurrent interdigital cysts: are they curable?
         12    Events                                           28    Dentistry
               What can we expect from the virtual BSAVA              Treating malocclusion in dogs and cats.
               Congress 2021?
                                                                32    Endocrinology
         17    Sustainability                                         Important considerations for endocrine testing.
               What is the carbon footprint of the animals under
               our care, and what can we do to reduce it?       35    Diagnostics
                                                                      Nationwide Laboratories give their top tips for
         20    Mental health                                          sampling lesions for osteosarcoma.
               What are the four noble truths taught by the Buddha
               and how do they help us achieve calm and joy?    36    Nutrition
                                                                      The importance of nutritional management when
         21    RCVS Knowledge                                         managing canine diabetes mellitus.

               What is the best treatment method for dogs with
               medial shoulder instability?                      OFFICIAL VET

         22    The profession                                   48    News and updates
               An interview with the vet behind “Lucy’s Law”.         The latest news and updates for OVs.

         24    Behaviour                                        50    Avian influenza
               What is veterinary forensic behavioural medicine,      Keeping backyard poultry biosecure, healthy and
               and when is it required?                               happy

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