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the ultimate microchip solution

         52    Brexit

               Never before have Official Veterinarians been so
               important to keep the UK’s vibrant export trade in
               animals, products of animal origin and germplasm
               moving across borders.

          FARM ANIMAL

         54    History
               Looking back at the impact of the 2001 foot and
               mouth disease outbreak.

         56    Lameness in sheep
               A five-point plan was developed to tackle lameness
               in sheep: avoid, treat, quarantine, cull and vaccinate.
                                                                              Pet-ID Microchips
          EQUINE                                             tel +44 (0)1273 837676

         58    Equine obesity
               Obesity is a sensitive matter and practitioners may   66  Legal
               be worried that any attempt to draw attention to       What to look out for when entering into contracts.
               the problem will undermine their relationship with
               the client.                                      67    Marketing
                                                                      Top tips for getting the maximum benefit from
          NURSING                                                     your efforts with social media.

         60    Rehabilitation                                    OPINION
               Rehabilitation is an area where nurses can excel,
               and not all exercises and techniques require     47    David Williams
               expensive equipment.                                   “‘Every day is a school day’, so it would be very
                                                                      sad if I felt I had learned everything I could”
                                                                59    Jonathan Pycock
         62    Leadership                                             “Please engage with this consultation process and
               How do behaviours limit performance and safety         make your views known”
               within your team?
                                                                68    Gareth Cross
         64    Tax mistakes                                           “Maybe I have spent too long dealing with cattle
               While taxpayers have a duty to report, they also need   sheds and pneumonia, but ‘please open some
               to pay the tax bill and, predictably, pay it on time.  windows!’”

         For Dogs                                                                                For Cats

         Topical antibiotic and                                The FIRST EVER
         steroid treatment                                     ORAL LIQUID
         for acute surface                                     therapy for
         pyoderma                                              management of

         USE MEDICINES RESPONSIBLY. Manufactured and distributed in NI by: Norbrook Laboratories Ltd, Station Works, Newry, Co. Down, BT35 6JP. Distributed in GB by: Norbrook Laboratories (G.B.) Limited, 1 Saxon Way East, Corby,
         Northamptonshire, England, NN18 9EY. Legal Category: UK:    Betafuse® gel for dogs contains 5 mg/g fusidic acid and 1 mg/g betamethasone.    Thyronorm® 5mg/ml Oral Solution for Cats contains 5mg/ml thiamazole. For further
         details on these products including the dosage regimens, side effects, precautions, warnings and contraindications please see the summary of product characteristics (SPC) available at
         Advice on the use of these products should be sought from the medicine prescriber. | 4447-LA(C/D)-v2b-UK-25/01/21
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