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        2021 election candidates for RCVS Council announced

        On 9 February 2021, the RCVS announced the 14 candidates     ρ  Dr Colin Whiting, MRCVS
        standing in this year’s election to RCVS Council, the regu-    ρ  Will Wilkinson, MRCVS
        lator’s governing body. This year’s election will be taking   In 2018, changes were made to the College’s governance
        place from mid-March until 5pm on Friday 23 April 2021 and   arrangements, after a Legislative Reform Order changing the
        the 14 candidates are:
                                                               size and composition of Council was passed by Parliament.
             ρ  Dr Louise Allum, MRCVS                           While the changes mean that, in most years, there
             ρ  Dr Danny Chambers, MRCVS (incumbent)           will be three elected places available for the candidates,
             ρ  John Davies, MRCVS                             as opposed to six in the years prior to the governance
             ρ  Dr Matshidiso (Tshidi) Gardiner, MRCVS         changes, this year the four candidates with the most votes
             ρ  Dr Grant Hampson, MRCVS                        will be starting their four-year terms on Council. This is to
             ρ  Elizabeth Law-Bartle, MRCVS                    ensure that elected RCVS Council members remain in the
             ρ  Dr Philip Lhermette, FRCVS                     majority on RCVS Council. 
             ρ  Peter Robinson, MRCVS                            This year, for the first time, the RCVS Council election will
             ρ  Dr Ian Sayers, MRCVS                           also be carried out completely online. Voting is due to open
             ρ  Dr Huw Stacey, MRCVS                           in the week commencing 15 March when Civica Election
             ρ  Dr Kit Sturgess, FRCVS                         Services (formerly Electoral Reform Services) will send
             ρ  Dr Samantha Webster, MRCVS                     emails or letters to eligible voters.

        New pathway for RVNs to become                         Improve International launches
        Practice Standards Scheme                              new range of online “accelerated”

        assessors approved by RCVS                             courses

        At the January meeting of the RCVS Council, members    Emergency and Critical Care programme first to launch
        approved a pathway for registered veterinary nurses    Global veterinary CPD specialist Improve International has
        (RVNs) to become assessors for the Practice Standards   launched an online Emergency and Critical Care (ECC) pro-
        Scheme (PSS) and also approved a new Equine Emergency   gramme aimed at veterinarians keen to update their knowl-
        Services Clinic accreditation.                         edge and increase their confidence in emergency patient
          The change to the Practice Standards rules means that   management. The programme is the first in a new series of
        RVNs, as with veterinary surgeons, who have at least five   “accelerated” courses, to support those starting out on their
        years’ experience within the profession are eligible to apply   postgraduate learning journey or experienced veterinarians
        to become PSS assessors. PSS assessors are employees   who wish to refresh their knowledge in a specific subject.
        of the RCVS who are responsible for conducting visits to   The accelerated ECC programme comprises 15 engaging
        practices that wish to join the scheme, are undergoing   modules covering pathophysiology, diagnosis, management
        their re-accreditation assessment or have applied for one   and current treatments. Modules are delivered on a weekly
        or more of the PSS awards to ensure they meet all the   basis with delegates able to study at their own pace. They
        relevant standards and criteria.                       retain access to all modules for a 12-month period to enable
          The decision to allow RVNs to become PSS assessors   them to revisit the contents as necessary. In addition to the
        had previously been approved by both the Practice      modules, delegates have access to a discussion forum and
        Standards Group and the RCVS Standards Committee.      to four live sessions with specialists for clinical case discus-
          Council also approved a new Equine Emergency Services   sions. At the end of the course, delegates have the opportu-
        Clinic accreditation to help incorporate the emerging   nity to undertake a Foundation Certificate from the Interna-
        business model of veterinary practices that provide    tional School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS).
        ambulatory emergency services for equids.                The programme was developed by specialist veterinari-
          The new accreditation would require these practices   ans, both fellows and members of the Australian and New
        to meet the applicable PSS Core Standards, plus the    Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Emergency and
        requirements contained in an additional Equine Emergency   Critical Care, from Improve International’s Australian partner,
        Services module. The full details of the requirements will   the Animal Emergency Service.
        be published in due course.
                                                                 Further information about Improve International’s ac-
          For more information about the Practice Standards      celerated emergency and critical care CPD programme
          Scheme visit:                          can be found online at:

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