Equal access to therapeutics and animal welfare top WSAVA priorities

14 May 2018, at 10:03am

A campaign to create equal access to veterinary therapeutics globally and the launch of its Global Guidelines for Companion Animal Welfare are the WSAVA’s priorities for 2018. President-Elect Shane Ryan outlined the plans during a briefing at BSAVA Congress and announced that the WSAVA is also preparing to launch a Professional Wellness Committee and is developing plans for its next set of Global Guidelines.

Restricted access to veterinary medicines in some parts of the world, often because of financial or regulatory issues, limits the efforts of many companion animal vets to provide optimal care. The WSAVA is forming a Therapeutics Guidelines Group to spearhead efforts to improve access. It has also created a Position Statement. Members of the WSAVA’s Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee are also finalising the new WSAVA Global Guidelines for Companion Animal Welfare. They will be launched at WSAVA World Congress in Singapore. The guidelines will set out recommendations for the veterinary team to ensure that, in addition to providing accurate health advice and therapy, they offer evidence-based information and guidance for the health, welfare and safety of the animal, the owner and themselves.

The WSAVA is also preparing to launch a Professional Wellness Committee, chaired by Nienke Endenburg, a human psychologist at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Utrecht. The committee aims to drive the development of new global tools to support veterinary wellness, working in collaboration with human psychiatrists and psychologists.