New cat care programme launched

by Ellen Hardy
08 May 2018, at 10:36am

International Cat Care and its veterinary division, the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine), launched a new programme at BSAVA Congress. Entitled CatCareforLife, it is a blueprint for how a clinic and owner can work together to keep cats healthy and encourage veterinary visits.

The programme is provided in partnership with IDEXX and Royal Canin.

Regular life-long preventive healthcare should be the goal for every veterinary patient. A combination of primary prevention (eg vaccination), secondary prevention (early detection of disease) and tertiary prevention (reducing impact of disease) measures are important in a compre- hensive healthcare programme, although secondary and tertiary measures become more critical as the cat ages and as diseases become more prevalent.

The programme is aimed at both veterinary clinics and cat owners. It will encourage owners to understand the life stages of their cat and offer best practice guides for recommended health checks. The information is based on independent published studies and data and developed by expert feline veterinarians and others working with International Cat Care/ISFM. 

A freely available practical guide including posters, charts, clinical sheets, owner resources and checklists can be found at: