Veterinary practices urged to take feline blood pressure

17 May 2018, at 11:20am

Practices are being urged to take feline blood pressure at least once a year in cats over seven years of age, as recommended by ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine).

The move follows recent research by Ceva Animal Health which revealed that over 90 percent of veterinary surgeons agreed that treating hypertension in its own right was beneficial to feline patients. Vets have a high awareness that senior cats would benefit clinically if they monitored blood pressure routinely in their senior years, and nearly 85 percent stated that antihypertensive medication would increase the quality of life for their patients. Time constraints were cited as the main barrier to routinely measuring blood pressure, but all of those questioned would be happy for a trained veterinary nurse to measure blood pressure in cats.

Ceva Animal Health has launched the inaugural Feline Hypertension Month this May, to raise awareness of hypertension and improve the detection and management of high blood pressure in cats.