5m publishes The Management of Pet Obesity

04 March 2019, at 9:59am

Victoria Bowes and Helen Coleman have written "The Management of Pet Obesity", an essential guide for veterinary practitioners on obesity-related topics for small animals, exotic animals and pet birds.

Warwickshire College lecturers Victoria Bowes and Helen Coleman say: “People love pets; they have become an ingrained part of human life providing companionship, emotional support, security, and can have a positive impact on human health and well-being. The humanisation of pets is a reflection of the significance pets play in human lives and that they are very much part of the family. Many owners show their affection by "treating" the animal and are often not aware of the calorific impact when feeding treats in addition to the daily recommended food allowance for the species… Veterinary practices have a responsibility to monitor the rise of obesity in their clients pets. They should recognise the importance of weight management clinics and how this role can be given to veterinary nurses, which, in turn, may increase job satisfaction. Veterinary nurses have a key role with clients; sometimes, clients will speak more openly with the veterinary nurse providing an excellent platform to promote healthy pet weight.”

The Management of Pet Obesity covers important topics such as the causes of obesity, nutritional requirements, body condition scoring and assessment, co-morbidities and feeding options and is an ideal resource for veterinary practitioners, students and animal nutritionists approaching the complex subject of pet obesity.

The Management of Pet Obesity is now available for £29.95. You can find out more about The Management of Pet Obesity here.