Ceva brings together international experts in human cardiology and veterinary to stimulate innovation

Ceva's Cardio Symposium brings leading experts to Milan to explore new diuretic treatments for heart failure

27 September 2019, at 9:00am

For the fourth edition of its Cardio Symposium held on 17 September in Milan (Italy), Ceva Santé Animale brought together around one hundred world-renowned experts in both veterinary and human medicine around the theme: "New perspectives in diuretic treatment". This provided an opportunity to highlight the latest advances in diuretics, the cornerstone of the treatment of congestive heart failure in people and dogs.

By organising, in 2009, the first symposium combining human and veterinary medicine, Ceva aimed to concretise the emerging concept of "One Health".

Like the human population, dogs and cats live longer today and also develop chronic diseases. The lectures were designed to allow veterinary cardiologists to discover the work done by their counterparts in human medicine to generate new ideas, new solutions and new approaches that can benefit pets. The success of the first three editions (2009, 2011, 2016) is such that human health experts also draw inspiration from the work done by veterinarians.

Innovation at the heart of Ceva's strategy

Today, thanks to these symposiums and the work of its teams and partners around the world, the group has become a major player in cardiology, nephrology and veterinary hypertension.

Isemid, its latest launched drug, a diuretic containing torasemide for the treatment of cognitive heart failure in dogs, was lauded by the EMA (European Medicines Agency) as one of only two products for 2018 considered to be an “innovation advancing animal health". This innovation is a concrete example of what can be achieved through close collaboration between specialists in human and veterinary health, academics and private partners.

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