Dechra adds powerful new treatment to SoluStab® range

11 May 2019, at 9:00am

Dechra Veterinary Products has unveiled a powerful new addition to its SoluStab® range of water based medications for food producing animals

Tialin®, which has the active ingredient Tiamulin hydrogen fumarate, is indicated to target a range of conditions in pigs and poultry.

Available in two strengths; a unique strong presentation of 25 percent (250 mg/ml) and also as a 12.5 percent (125 mg/ml) solution, Tialin, can be purchased in five and one litre bottles with a shelf life of two years or three months once opened.

Licensed for the treatment of dysentery, colitis, ileitis, pneumonia and pleuropneumonia in pigs, Tialin is also suitable for the treatment and metaphylaxis of chronic respiratory disease and infectious synovitis in chickens and infectious sinusitis and airsacculitis in turkeys. Withdrawal times range from zero in eggs to two - six days in meat and offal.

Dechra Brand Manager Emma Jennings said: “Any of these diseases could have a widespread effect on a herd or flock of any size so it is vital that veterinary professionals have access to a treatment such as Tialin to offer farmers.

“Its short withdrawal times and long shelf life makes it a cost effective and valuable tool for vets and farmers in their treatments of these diseases. All the products in our premium SoluStab range have been specifically developed with a unique formula to provide the optimum balance of stability and solubility.”

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