One month remaining - Agria pet insurance has removed the upper-age limit for lifetime insurance as part of its Age Amnesty initiative

Throughout October and November, award-winning pet insurance provider, Agria, is running an Age Amnesty, in a bid to encourage pet owners to secure lifetime insurance for their furry friends, no matter what their age

08 November 2019, at 9:39am

With just one month remaining, Agria has already seen significant numbers of pet owners take advantage of the initiative, giving owners peace of mind that they can take care of their needs as they age.

Robin Hargreaves, Agria’s Senior Veterinary Advisor, said: “Pets age in the same way as humans do. It’s later in life, particularly with chronic diseases, when things can start to go wrong – so having insurance is a huge help. When caring for an older pet, always consult your vet with any indicator of change, whether that’s your pet’s willingness to exercise or their appetite.”

With nearly half (42 percent) of pet owners admitting they don’t have pet insurance, Agria partners with animal rescues across the UK, offering five weeks free insurance for adopted pets, along with access to lifetime insurance, no matter what their age.

One of those rescues, West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, explained that limited access to pet insurance not only leads to spiralling vet bills but can often cause older dogs to be overlooked for adoption.

As part of the initiative, Agria met with one of West Yorkshire Dog Rescue’s recent adopters to understand how the ability to insure an older pet can give people the reassurance they need when considering adopting an older pet:

Case Study: Joseph Kelly, 64

Joseph recently adopted his 13-year-old Jack Russell called Cindy from West Yorkshire Dog Rescue following the death of his partner three years ago. He was apprehensive about getting a puppy due to their training needs and sometimes destructive tendencies, but he still wanted a pet that could accompany him on walks in the countryside. He was worried about the veterinary costs that can come with older dogs, but Agria have relieved those worries with their Age Amnesty campaign. Joseph credits Cindy with helping to keep him young at heart.