PetBiome test kit will help owners and vets improve canine health

The new PetBiome Test Kit is helping dog owners to manage the health of their pets and make informed decisions on diet using the latest cutting-edge technology

16 October 2019, at 9:00am

The health of a dog’s gut can be linked to several health issues, including inflammation, bloating, bad breath and food sensitivity. Good health and weight begin with a healthy microbial community (biome).

Stress, medication and diet alter the biome, reducing the good gut bacteria and destabilising the whole gastrointestinal tract. In particular, diet can change the balance between the good, the not so good and the bad microbes.

A dog's gut microbiome is not only critically important to the health of the digestive tract but also to overall health and well-being.

PetBiome is a team of biochemists, microbiologists and geneticists, all with a history of working with some of the UK's top vets. Their Petbiome Test Kit produces accurate and relevant data on the inhabitants of the microbiome from a faecal sample.

This sample is taken and analysed, using the latest genomic technology, which gives owners the personalised information needed to manage the diet, including advice on pro and prebiotic supplements to improve gut health.

Sharon Smith of PetBiome said: “It can be difficult for pet owners to make the best decisions for the health of their dogs but with the PetBiome Test Kit we can remove the guess work and identify imbalances in the gut microbiome which need addressing with personalised nutrition.”