Scottish conference to explore link between animal cruelty and human violence

The Scottish SPCA and the University of Edinburgh are holding a conference exploring the link between animal cruelty and human violence. 

21 August 2019, at 2:00pm

The conference going to be a fascinating, specialist and knowledge exchange event. The aim is to raise awareness of intentional and unintentional animal cruelty, its connections with human-directed violence and child abuse and how this can sometimes be a precursor to further crimes.

Those whose field is in animal welfare and child health, social care and education will learn about the importance of animal cruelty incidents, how reports of cruelty behaviour might play an important role in assessments of children experiencing difficulties, and how animal cruelty might relate to adverse childhood experiences, including domestic violence.

The programme will examine the ramifications of animal cruelty and provide information on animal cruelty interventions.

The conference in being held on September 9 2019 at the Playfair Library in Edinburgh.