Veterinary Deer Society conference in Edinburgh

The Veterinary Deer Society is holding a conference on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 November 2019 at the Moredun Research Institute in Edinburgh

04 October 2019, at 12:00pm

The meeting will concentrate on the growing demand for veterinary expertise in the rapidly developing area of UK red deer farming and also, as Christmas approaches, on reindeer welfare.

The speakers are leaders in their field and include international experts Professor Morten Tryland, a reindeer specialist from northern Norway as well as Jose Antonio Ortiz a Spanish veterinarian who has worked with embryo transfer, semen collection and insemination in deer throughout the world. Nearer to home speakers include a number of UK vets who have specialised in deer and they will discuss the choice of drugs available to tranquillise deer, the importance of pregnancy scanning farmed red deer hinds, and the genetic improvement of farmed red deer. Several scientists and vets will contribute to a session devoted to the diagnosis and control of bovine tuberculosis in deer.

The conference is open to any who wish to attend, whether they are veterinarians wanting to increase their clinical knowledge of cervids, or non-veterinarians who are particularly interested in current research and scientific advances in the deer world. Full details are carried on the Veterinary Deer Society website.