Animalcare responds to Pentoject out of stock situation

Pentoject is expected to be back in wholesalers in February

11 February 2020, at 2:00pm

Animalcare Ltd expects that its Pentobarbital product, Pentoject, will be back in wholesalers in February. Pentobarbital is an essential drug in clinics, due to its role in relieving suffering. Animalcare recognises the need to return stock to practices as soon as possible.

A combination of unprecedented demand for product and logistics issues has resulted in a delay in receiving stock into the UK. An additional issue involving the manufacturer of the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) is further impacting timelines.

Animalcare has a shipment awaiting dispatch to the UK from its European manufacturing plant as soon as licensing is completed by the VMD, Home Office and European counterparts. It has a further batch currently in production, expected into the UK in early March.

Commenting, Mr Kai Crawshaw, Product Manager at Animalcare, said: “We are working hard with the VMD and Home Office to expedite the import licensing process and also with our manufacturer to ensure we can get as much stock as quickly as possible back into the marketplace. We sincerely apologise to any clinics that are experiencing a shortage but are glad to say that stock is on the way.”

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