BSAVA unveils triage tool for dogs and cats during COVID-19 pandemic

Tool is specifically tailored to help vets identify and process emergency canine and feline cases during these challenging circumstances

27 March 2020, at 1:00pm

The BSAVA has unveiled a new triage tool specifically tailored to help vets in small animal practice identify and process emergency canine and feline cases during the challenging circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The tool is available to all vets, free of charge.

The downloadable and printable guide chart, which has been created by a number of specialists, enables vets/nurses and receptionists to quickly identify urgent, potentially urgent, non-urgent and delayable cases to help limited veterinary resources be used to best efficiency without compromise to animal health or welfare.

The chart, which can be printed and put on a practice wall or referred to as a webpage via a mobile phone or tablet, has numerous pages of supporting resources, produced by the same specialists.

Sue Paterson, BSAVA President, said: “During these exceptional and worrying times veterinary surgeons need as much practical help and support as possible. We are hugely grateful for the indefatigable support of an enthusiastic group of volunteers who have rapidly produced this triage tool, which we are now able to share. It should enable patient queries to be processed, reliably and efficiently, allowing for emergency patients to be seen as a matter of urgency, within the current government and RCVS guidelines.”

The triage tool is free to download and share.

BSAVA has also worked with other professionals to produce guidance on obtaining consent remotely for veterinary treatment during the measures in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The triage tool and the consent guidance are some of the initiatives and resources being shared by the BSAVA to support the small animal veterinary community. To find out more visit BSAVA’s website.