Digging deep to help animals in need

ADCH Emergency Fund has been set up to help rescues get through the crisis and avert potentially catastrophic consequences for animals in urgent need in the UK

09 June 2020, at 9:00am

Pet food manufacturers and suppliers of animal care products have donated £110,000 worth of food and products to help animal welfare charities who are struggling due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In April the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH), the umbrella body for companion animal rescue organisations, set up an Emergency Fund to provide support to animal rescues to help get them through the crisis.

In response, pet food manufacturers have contributed emergency food supplies with Mars Petcare, Purina, Naturediet, IAMS, Forthglade and AJM Pet Products supplying over 65 pallets of dog and cat food. In addition, Pet Remedy has provided over £17,000 worth of products to help animals who are staying longer than usual in animal welfare shelters, Protectapet has contributed security fencing, Animal Courses Direct is offering dog first aid webinars for Continuing Professional Development and Royal Canin is offering donations of food direct to ADCH members.

The donations are being distributed to charities across the country who are members of the ADCH with larger organisations such as RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Cats Protection and the National Animal Welfare Trust providing regional collection points for local charities.

Claire Horton, Chairman of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes said:

“There are around 1200 dog and cat rescue organisations across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, a significant number of whose very survival is threatened by the impact of Coronavirus. The ADCH Emergency Fund has been set up to help these rescues get through this crisis and avert potentially catastrophic consequences for animals in urgent need in the UK.”

In an emergency survey carried out by the ADCH amongst its membership, every single organisation had seen a downturn in income and over half said fundraising income had already reduced by over 50 percent. In addition, just 52 percent of members said they had three months of income and reserves remaining, whilst 32 percent had less than three months, and some significantly less than this.

Claire added:

“We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated these vital supplies to help out smaller animal welfare organisations who are struggling at this difficult time.

“Our absolute priority is to do everything we can to make sure animal welfare charities can continue to provide the animals in their care with everything they need until it is time for them to find their forever homes. Thanks to industry partners we have been able to help rescues across the country continue their vital work.”