RCVS issues new Coronavirus practice survey in September to gauge business impact

Data aids the College and its COVID Taskforce in making decisions on temporary changes to guidance for the profession

01 September 2020, at 3:00pm

The RCVS will issue the fourth iteration of its regular practice-based Coronavirus impact survey next week to track how the pandemic and its associated restrictions (including any locally based additional restrictions) are affecting veterinary businesses.

The survey, which will be emailed on Tuesday 1 September 2020 to veterinary practices, asks a standard set of questions, for example, around the impact on practices regarding provision of emergency care, current levels of practice turnover, the amount of staff on furlough, whether certain branches or premises have had to close, what measures have been put in place to mitigate transmission of the virus and so on.

In addition, new questions are being asked about the impact of Test and Trace and the post-travel quarantine, as well as around the impact of the pandemic on cashflow and the ability of practices safely to dispose of controlled drugs.

Gathering data on all of the above aids the College and its COVID Taskforce in making decisions on temporary changes to guidance for the profession, as well as being able to highlight any particular areas of concern with stakeholders, including the UK and devolved governments.

All data gathered by the survey will be anonymous, although the results of the survey may be shared with governments and other veterinary organisations, and will also be published.

If any UK veterinary practice believes they or their named contact person, have not received the survey via email by Wednesday, 2 September, then please contact Sophie Rogers on in order for the College to check.

As it is vital that the data reflects a specific point in time, and because the circumstances under which we are all operating are changing quickly, the deadline for completing the survey is 5pm on Monday 7 September.