MSD Animal Health launches Nobivac Respira Bb – the new injectable vaccine against Bordetella bronchiseptica

New vaccine means more dogs can be protected, as different dogs are suited to different vaccination approaches

05 March 2021, at 11:00am

MSD Animal Health has launched its new Nobivac Respira Bb injectable vaccine against Bordetella bronchiseptica, giving veterinary practices greater convenience and choice in protecting dogs that socialise. It offers a full 12-month protection when used as a single-dose booster in dogs previously vaccinated with Nobivac KC. Dogs not previously vaccinated against Bordetella bronchiseptica require two doses administered four weeks apart. Duration of immunity is 7 months after the primary course and 12 months after a booster with Nobivac Respira Bb. It may also be given 12 months after a primary course in cases where the 7 months dose is missed.

Blaise Scott-Morris, Product Manager, MSD Animal Health comments: “Currently only an estimated 1 in 3 vaccinated dogs in the UK are also covered against Bordetella so Nobivac Respira Bb offers the chance for practices to re-start the conversation about protection with clients. A common barrier to Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD) protection, caused by Bordetella, is the belief that it is only necessary for dogs going into kennels, rather than all social dogs. Most dogs meet others however, while out walking, during training, or while attending the vets, and CIRD is infectious even at low levels. Indeed, dogs can be asymptomatic but infectious. So, improving protection levels against this disease which is distressing for both the owner and dog, is important in both reducing the risk of outbreaks and the need for antibiotic treatment.”


Nobivac Respira Bb offers convenience:

  • No need to reconstitute, so fewer steps to administration.
  • It comes in a multi-dose (10ml) vial.
  • It offers flexibility in storage as it can be stored in or out of the refrigerator (up to 25ºC) for 28 days after broaching.


As part of a portfolio of canine-respiratory vaccines, Nobivac Respira Bb means more dogs can be protected, as different dogs are suited to different vaccination approaches. Nobivac Respira Bb is most suitable for dogs:

  • When the administration of an intranasal vaccine may be difficult,
  • In situations where a risk assessment suggests a live Bordetella vaccine to be less appropriate,
  • Which have received recent antimicrobial treatment,
  • Which are brachycephalic breeds or have a history of cardiorespiratory disease.


Dogs vaccinated with Nobivac Respira Bb demonstrated a significant reduction in clinical signs of respiratory disease and a reduction in bacterial shedding. It has also been safely demonstrated in a wide range of breeds and has proven efficacy in puppies challenged two weeks after the primary course of vaccination. It can be given concurrently with many other Nobivac vaccines.

To support the launch of Nobivac Respira Bb a range of tools will be available to practices. For further information, contact your MSD Animal Health account manager.