New product from Hill’s is world’s first clinically proven nutritional solution that tackles both food and environmental sensitivities in dogs

The new product, Prescription Diet Derm Complete food, has been developed following four years of research and three clinical trials

23 February 2021, at 2:00pm

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has announced the launch of its ground-breaking new Prescription Diet Derm Complete food - the world’s first and only nutritional solution that is clinically proven to tackle both food and environmental sensitivities in dogs.

With 40 percent of vet visits by dogs due to skin issues, the new product has been developed following four years of research and three clinical trials in an effort to tackle the growing problem. Formulated with optimal levels of key nutrients to help strengthen the skin's natural barrier against environmental allergens, the product also contains the Histaguard complex with bioactives and phytonutrients to help manage a dog's response to environmental allergens. Moreover, the use of egg as a single intact animal protein source which avoids 96 percent of adverse food reactions (Mueller et al., 2016) and has shown the ability to dampen the inflammatory response in dogs, helps to further reduce itching.

With a long list of potential triggers for dermatological disease, successful treatment outcomes have historically been dependant on an accurate diagnosis and managing the various components of the disease. Dietetic foods have also only been available for either AFR or environmental sensitivities. Hill’s Derm Complete is a breakthrough product; helping veterinarians to manage both types of sensitivities from the inside-out, making their lives easier and the pets’ lives more comfortable.

“Supporting patients with skin sensitivities can be extremely challenging. Not only is it uncomfortable for the pet themselves, but it can cause a lot of distress for owners who just want to give their dogs a happy and healthy life. There can be a lot of pressure to find a quick, effective and affordable solution”, said Michael Unsworth, Hill’s Vet Affairs Manager, UK and Republic of Ireland. “Our new Prescription Diet Derm Complete is truly a ground-breaking product; the result of years of trials and clinical studies that has seen visible skin healing in dogs with AFR in as little as 21 days (Hill's data on file: for dogs with food allergies) and not a single dog showing signs of recurrence after using the product.

We’re thrilled to introduce this innovative, life-changing product to the market, to the benefit of dogs, dog-owners - and of course veterinary professionals - everywhere.”

Six out of 10 of the UK’s most popular breeds are prone to skin issues, and include:

  • Labrador retrievers
  • Cocker spaniels
  • Jack Russell Terriers
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers
  • Cockapoos
  • French Bulldogs

For more information on the Hill’s Prescription Diet Derm Complete range, please get in touch with your Hill’s representative.

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